Jizo Peace Center
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O Jizo San    Save The Children    Bring Love, Blessings and Peace
Jizo Peace Center

The Jizo Peace Center brings protection and help to children, travelers, fire fighters, and people in impossible situations. The large meditation room, an uplifting, calming space, holds altars to the Divine. The Center provides scholarships, awards, community projects, concerts, and other events to promote peace and harmony for all.

Our focus is Jizo, a heroic child monk, portrayed in statues at historic crossroads the length and breadth of Japan.

Jizo Peace Center

In China (pictured here), he is known as Ti Tsang Pusa. Reports through the centuries state that he appears anywhere, and is ready to hear and respond to prayers. He brings safety in dangerous situations, even when we are abused or at great risk. Jizo gives protection to children of all ages. He encourages family loyalty. Kwan Yin who appears as a female (see photo) is also honored at the Center.

Jizo Peace Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit program for meditations and education.

The Jizo Peace center remains opposed to gun violence and to the creation, storage, and use of nuclear weapons anywhere on the entire planet.

May peace prevail on earth!

Upcoming Events


Please join us for regular meditations at noon on Saturdays - two 25 minute meditation periods with slow walking meditation in-between, followed by tea and cookies.

Call 661-242-6956 or 818-834-5925 to confirm.

We also have Friday night informal outdoor meditations at 5:30 pm.



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Ruth Handy

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Jizo Peace Center



Ruth Ratna Handy, LCSW
(661) 242-6956


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