Jizo Peace Center
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O Jizo San    Save The Children    Bring Love, Blessings and Peace
   Children's Village
Dharamsala, India

Schools and student boarding residences established by His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama

Children's Village
Children's Village One of the Children’s Village’ housemothers on a school holiday as she washes the laundry of her 12 students outdoors by hand while wearing fine jewelry. A student stays close behind her.
In this Children’s Village early elementary school residence, the children enjoy lollipops provided by the Jizo Peace Center. Children's Village
Children's Village At another Children’s Village residence, the house mother washes the cement floor through the front door while snow is still on the ground.
Children's Village
The house father in this residence makes Tibetan guitars in two sizes, and a young girl demonstrates how to play.
Children's Village


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