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O Jizo San    Save The Children    Bring Love, Blessings and Peace
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Jizo located in Mt. Koya, Kyoto, JapanWho is O Jizo San?

Jizo Bodhisattva (or saint) represents the wisdom of the earth manifesting as the energy of compassion towards those who are vulnerable.  This includes particularly infants and children, women, travelers as well as firefighters.  He is known as both male and female.  She helps those on spiritual or physical journeys – people who experience impossible obstacles and feel at life’s crossroads. In Japan, he is portrayed as a wandering child monk, often wearing a bib, and carrying a pilgrim’s ringed staff that jingles to warn animals of her approach and to prevent mutual harm. Jizo also carries the wish-fulfilling, protecting jewel of Truth whose light banishes all fear. Jizo has the ability to travel to animal and hell realms and to assist those who are struggling to free themselves from suffering. Images of Jizo are not worshipped, but are intended to help awaken us.

In India, Jizo was originally Kshitigarbha, the name for 2 young girls who freed their mothers from hell by spiritual practices and personal sacrifice. Kshitigarbha also lived as one of Lord Buddha’s disciples who vowed that he would endure one hundred thousand lifetimes, if necessary, to free all suffering souls. She is considered one of the four main bodhisattvas of Buddhism.

In China and Korea, Kshitigarbha is revered as the “king of hell” due to his ability to remain calm in dangerous fiery places.

Jizo Peace Center Mission Statement

*to communicate that each living soul is precious
*to expand consciousness of the power and protection of Jizo Bodhisattva
*to send prayers for children at risk of abuse and neglect
*to embrace variety and appreciate the beauty in life
*to grant monetary WZM Awards to graduating seniors who write about compassion
*to create more world peace through events that teach meditation, harmony with the earth, letting go of anger, and positive communication

Ruth Ratna Handy, LCSW
(818) 834-5925


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