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WZM Award

With our 5th anniversary in 2010, the Jizo Peace Center began giving a Humanitarian Award annually to an individual or couple serving others in an extraordinary way. The Award consists of a plaque naming the recipient with a personal quote that looks nice on a wall or desk. People with local ties to the mountain communities are the majority of those honored.

Starting in 2015, at our 10th anniversary, a dinner celebrating the person and their life commitment has become the setting for the granting of the Award.

The Jizo Peace Center welcomes suggestions for possible recipients of the Humanitarian Award. The public is welcome to attend the annual dinner celebrations.


Humanitarian Award 2023 Award to Lynne Shane

Humanitarian Award 2022 Award to Judith Cassis

Humanitarian Award 2021 Award to William Graney

Humanitarian Award 2019 Award to Susan de-Gaia

Humanitarian Award 2018 Award to Pamela Plouffe

Humanitarian Award 2017 Award to Mel Weinstein

Humanitarian Award 2016 Award to Sheila Clark

Humanitarian Award 2015 Award to Russell Orrell

Humanitarian Award 2014 Award to The Taoist Preservation Society

Humanitarian Award 2013 Award to Shige Higashi

Humanitarian Award 2012 Award to Betty Mendez

Humanitarian Award 2011 Award to Patric Hedlund

Humanitarian Award 2010 Award to Izumi Tanaka

Ruth Ratna Handy, LCSW
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