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   2012 Humanitarian Award 
Humanitarian Award

The Jizo Peace Center located in the Pine Mountain community presented their 2012 Humanitarian Award to Betty Mendez for service to veterans. Mendez is owner of Everyday Spirituality and founder of Kern Healing Connections in Bakersfield. She is a weekend resident of Pine Mountain.

Ruth Handy made the Jizo presentation at the January luncheon of Kern Healing Connections.

Mendez' premise is that a healthy spirit is an essential factor to promote mind and body health. Her goal is to provide holistic complementary medicine services to veterans and family members.

Paractitioners donate the restorative services of Reiki, Meditation, Massage, Emoion Freedom Techniques (EFT), Music and Art therapy. Practitioner volunteers also donate their time to provide Self-Care education in Reiki, EFT and meditation to reestablish and maintain mind-body-spirit health and vitality. The stress reduction, calming and balancing of these healing therapies assist veterans in their recovery from depression and PTSD.

Veterans are referred to her Restoration and Self-Care program by the readjustment counselors of the Bakersfield Vet Center (1110 Golden State Ave., Bakersfield).

"it's a lovely surprise to have the work of the Restoration and Self-Care Program acknowledged by the Jizo Peace Center," Mendez said. "I happily accept this recognition on behalf of all the Kern Healing Connections volunteer practitioners. The Restoration and Self-Care Program was made possible through the whole-hearted support of the healing arts by Joe Acosta, lead readjustment counselor of the Bakersfield Vet Center. Joe supports the use of holistic therapies as beneficial and fully complementary to the psychological counseling his trained staff provides to veterans suffering from severe PTSD...Sustainable, beneficial self-care replaces despair with hope and empowerment."

Volunteer practitioners of Kern Healing Connections also serve veterans at the Kern County Veterans Stand Down Resource Day in October: A Reiki services clinic for cancer patients at a local cancer hospital is also planned, as are monthly community healing days. To volunteer services or to provide a facility for such events, call 661-319-0994. The Jizo Peace Center provides scholarships, awards, community projects and events to promote peace and harmony for all (www.jizopeacecneter.org).

Text and Photo from The Mountain Enterprise 2/8/13


Ruth Ratna Handy, LCSW
(818) 834-5925


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