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   Trips to Dharamsala, India
for the Dalai Lama's Spring Teachings 2004-2005,
Initiating in New Delhi and extending to Lake Pema, India

Led by Lama Chuck Standford and his wife Mary from the Rime Buddhist Center and Monastery, Tibetan Institute of Buddhist Studies.

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H. H. The Dalai Lama rebuilt his summer palace outside of Dharamsala after fleeing to India because of religious persecution by the Chinese in his homeland of Tibet. He created buildings that also showcase artists who continue to paint modern versions of traditional Tibetan religious art including large thangka paintings. A little cafe provides respite for travelers.

Above photo- An overview of the Temple and approaching path and waterway from the balcony of another building on the lovely grounds.S

Opposite photo:
A wall painting of the six worlds in Buddhism depicted in a time-honored manner as a circle being held in the mouth of a demon Mara
Wall Painting
Group photo with the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala on the 2004 pilgrimage to hear His Holiness' spring teachings.
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