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   The International Day of Peace 


At the Jizo Peace Center's International Peace Day Celebration on 9/21/07, several healers led workshops to deepen our understanding of universal peace. In the photo from the conclusion of the day are left to right, top:

Sister Moutique Ayodele El, who spoke in Yoruba, an African language, honoring all of our ancestors by praying with water over fruits and vegetables;

Lee Dunnavant, writer and poet who, along with Joe and Bobbie Ladin, led a half hour of poetry reading on peace, including excerpts from the United Nations Peace Poem created by children around the world;

Reverend Chris Falconer who led us in a circle called the Way of the Council, where each person spoke in turn while holding the talking stick, and each person's statement carried equal authority;

Alu Ayodele El, assisted her mother with the Yoruba prayer and ceremony; and

Nalini Lasiewicz, musician, singer, and co-founder of Crossroads of Learning, a tutoring training program for teachers led us in songs she had written on the dulcimer.

In front from left to right, Sarah-Jane Owen, fashion institute professor, artist, yoga teacher, and musician led us in drumming on the Native American council drum, and did a remarkable sound chakra healing for us by using various drums, singing bowls and rattles; Hachi, a sweet German Shepherd-mix dog residing at the Jizo Peace Center;

Ruth Ratna Handy, LCSW, founder of the Jizo Peace Center who led us in meditation at the beginning of the day and encouraged us to feel the connection with our own spiritual center and with everyone around the globe also praying for peace and healing on this day.

Jared Ramos took the photo after enjoying the workshops.

International Peace Day Celebration


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