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   Jizos for Peace Pilgrimage to Japan 

Preparing for the Jizos for Peace Pilgrimage
by Rev. Yuko Krieger
Great Vow Zen Monastery, Clatskanie, Oregon

This August, thirty five Western Buddhists from the United States, Canada and Germany traveled to Japan on pilgrimage for the sixtieth anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The pilgrimage was the culmination of an over two-year effort to gather 270,000 images of Jizo Boddhisattva to bring to Japan as a peace offering. The images of Jizo, many of which were drawn of cloth and sewn into quilts and peace flags, were contributed by people from every state within the United States, from many other countries of the world, and each continent. By the time the pilgrims left on their journey, the number of Jizos totaled nearly 500,000.

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Jizos for Peace Pilgrimage
Jizos for Peace Pilgrimage
Jizos for Peace Pilgrimage
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