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   Memorial Prayer Ceremony 

Special Program

The Jizo Peace Center held a Memorial Ceremony on 5/24/09 at 1:00 pm for children and infants who have died at an early age, including those stillborn, miscarried, or aborted - those who have returned to the waters of Creation.

Memorial Ceremony
Memorial Ceremony
Memorial Ceremony
Memorial Ceremony
Memorial Ceremony


Rev. Ruth Ratna Handy, founder of the Center, will lead us in meditation and a talk about Jizo. We will then make little garments for the mountainside Jizos in silence. A circle for sharing will follow. Those in attendance have an opportunity to resolve feelings of grief and loss. People are welcome to bring toys, poems, or photos to leave with the Jizo statues.

An artist friend from Japan, Ms. Tomoe Nakamura, will help coordinate activities and give traditional prayers and stories.

Jizo (Ksitigarbha-Sanskrit) is a saintly figure throughout Asian folk-lore. In Japan, he is a wandering child monk who protects and rescues people from impossible situations, and takes children who have died "across the river" to the other side. He is especially helpful to firefighters. Jizo is honored with the gift of bibs when prayers are made, and hats when prayers are answered. Children in pre-school and kindergarten classes learn about and develop an affection for him. Older people feel an appreciation for the safety Jizo brought to them over the years.



Ruth Ratna Handy, LCSW
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