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Michael Attie, a long-time meditator, founder, and teacher of the Don't Worry Zendo, presented his Squeezebox Swami Show on April 13, 2007 at the Jizo Peace Center. He has been a student of Zen, Vipassana and Advaita Vedanta for over forty years. Mike has written several original songs with inspirational themes to the accompaniment of accordion.

Beginning April 20, 2007, Mike led a four day meditation retreat at the Jizo Peace Center. Meditation started at 5:30 am. In addition, he led our small group on vigorous mountain hikes with an occasional break for yoga and then potatoes at nearby village restaurants. He also initiated an evening meditation. Mike’s two white dogs Homer and Rufus meditated with us. The Center became most enriched after this retreat experience.

Mike plans to return to the Jizo Peace Center to lead future meditation retreats.

Squeeze-Box Swami Show
Squeeze-Box Swami Show


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