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   WZM Award for Compassion 


Ruth Handy  presenting WZM  Award for Compassion


WZM Award presented on
May 23, 2012 to Mark Jones, Jefferson High School






By Mark Jones

Helping others and showing people compassion is very important to me. This year I decided to not only help one person but multiple people as much as I can. An accomplishment that I take pride in is creating the Demos Sports Zone. The Demos Sports Zone is a sports club, open to all students, that promotes, fundraises, and assists sports. I founded this organization once I was notified that our sports budget was empty.  This empowered me to create a group that could help our athletics program flourish. My school is known for its triumphs in athletics so our primary goal is to uplift school spirit. Since I am an active participant in both baseball and basketball, I know the struggles we face as athletes.  Instead of players and coaches having to sell candy and stress over expenses, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help lower these costs. I made this club open to our entire student body so that anyone had the opportunity to take part. It is our obligation to ease the tension of both coaches and players.

Our group consists of 15 dedicated students who all share a common passion in watching our sports succeed. Within nearly one school year we have facilitated different school activities such as food sales and pep rallies. Our proudest event was our Nicki Minaj inspired “Pink Friday” pep rally. This pep rally was held during lunch and it celebrated our football team’s achievements.  We also encouraged all of our fellow peers to wear pink that day to represent breast cancer awareness.  I saw this event as a way enrich our school spiritually and to also support breast cancer. We’ve donated our money to football, cheer, and girl’s basketball to help pay for uniforms, equipment, and award banquets. Our plans are to continue thriving as a unit so that we can further our journey as a family. We have created a bond together which helps to make our experience simpler.

At times I wish that I had formed this club years ago because I have struggled, along with my, team, trying to fundraise for equipment. But my motivation came from knowing that our school cannot afford to sustain our athletics. The creation of this club has definitely helped me grow as a person, because I really feel that we are doing something that is needed. I am hoping that when I graduate that this group will continue to prosper so that other students can take part in the Demos Sports Zone. When I enter a university I definitely want to be actively involved in leadership programs similar to this one. I feel that it is necessary to participate in leadership roles so that I can be involved in decision making. Overall I am satisfied with the Demos Sports Zone because I am pleased to know that I have taken part in assisting others; while at the same time aiding myself. I am proud to know that I have provided a service to school and I plan to continue to help my school although I am graduating.


Ruth Ratna Handy, LCSW
(818) 834-5925


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