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   WZM Award for Compassion 


WZM Award


WZM Award presented on
May 21, 2013 to Emily Shnorhokian, Pasadena High School








My most important asset in life is love and compassion. In life my favorite thing to do is to help people and help people know that they are loved and cared for. Some of the ways I express love and compassion is by helping with my church’s special needs ministry and going on mission trips to Guatemala and Armenia. I also help show compassion by helping serve homeless people at our Park Ministry every Sunday.

In my church’s Special Needs Ministry I help shadow children that are Autistic or have disabilities. I show these kids compassion by letting them know they are loved. Working with these kids shows me that they are amazing children filled with so much joy even though they are different from others. By working with these children I’ve discovered I have a calling in life to become a Special Education teacher. I believe God is calling me to help show these children with disabilities that they are the same as regular children and have a place in this world even though they may look or act differently.

Every week I help show compassion by volunteering to help make breakfast for the homeless in Pasadena. Weekly we make over 300 burritos and other breakfast items to take to Central Park in Pasadena and serve over 500 homeless people. For me, it is a great opportunity to build relationships with the people in my community and to show them that someone does care about them. With so many blessings in my life I believe that the most important thing for me is to give of myself fully and to show someone they are loved.

Over the past few summers I have been going on mission trips to Armenia and Guatemala. One of my most favorite ways to show people they are loved is by going to third world countries and serving the people. In Guatemala I went with a group of 50 people to three different cities. And have helped over thousands of people in the medical clinic, and in the Vacation Bible School. Our team was able to build playgrounds for the children in these villages. I helped our medical team helping prescribe medicine to the patients. I have also been given the opportunity to go to Armenia. In Armenia I helped be a councilor at a summer camp. I also accompanied a medical team in Armenia by being a translator for American doctors. With my help the medical team was able to see over a hundred patients in three different villages in Armenia.

In conclusion, I believe my greatest asset in life is having love and compassion. I help show compassion and love in my community by helping students who are autistic or have disabilities. In addition, going to Guatemala and Armenia to serve people in poverty gives me great joy. I also express compassion by helping serve breakfast to the homeless in my community every Sunday morning. It is my belief that in life we are given a calling to do many great things and mine is to show love and compassion to others.



Ruth Ratna Handy, LCSW
(818) 834-5925


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