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   WZM Award for Compassion 


WZM Award


WZM Award presented on
May 8, 2014 to Marco Aguilar - Garfield High School







Throughout the process of obtaining my hard earned peace, I accumulated my compassion for others. In turn, because I possess a strong compassion, I helped others obtain peace. Then, they earned compassion for others and aided others in acquiring their peace.
Peace and compassion are not just two other words that we can toss around here and there. Peace is a relaxed walk to school, a worry-free learning environment, and a comfortable and productive workspace, not having to worry about the daily disadvantages that are a harsh reality to most of us. Once we have obtained peace, even for the slightest period of time, we are able to willfully lend a hand down to others in need. This breeds compassion. And with compassion we can obtain more peace. The importance of the two cannot be overstated.

Peace and compassion are what we obtain in life that allow us to connect with everyone else to make the world a more productive and happy environment. They are a symbol, or gift, of a life we lived through and a goal that we want everyone to achieve. It is clearer to me now than ever before that because peace and compassion allow us to make potent bonds they are definitely something worth fighting for. For years as a Coordinating Committee leader in my local organization, Innercity Struggle, I have fought for social justice. Our organization then selected me and two others to represent them as ambassadors under the Brothers Sons Selves coalition where our missions were greatly acknowledged and carried through. During our struggle against social injustices I was able to experience an unimaginably positive surge of energy and a feeling of the inevitable victory we were to attain. We worked diligently to improve and establish regulations in hopes of achieving peace. Thanks to our dedication and hard work, the lives of everyone in our community began improving. Peace and compassion, in truth, are very vital to me and to any community because of the amount of lives that can be changed through hard work and dedication. It allows us to look forward to a better world and brings out the potential within many of us.

This is what I want to continue promoting and, referring back to the importance of peace and compassion, the peace and compassion that we acquired for ourselves and for others through those struggles is what we use to motivate others to obtain their peace and compassion; continuing the cycle once and again forevermore.



Ruth Ratna Handy, LCSW
(661) 242-6956


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