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   WZM Award for Compassion 


WZM Award


WZM Award presented to Jamie Mora on
May 28, 2015 - Jefferson High School







In life, there are many persons’ that go through hardships, rough times, and suffrage. However, not that many people attempt to show compassion towards the person whom is going through a rough time.

In my opinion, anyone and everyone should care for one another because without love or sympathy this world would be such a crucial place. A person who is going through a rough time often does not have anyone to be there for them and give them that extra support and so the individual simply gives up. In my world, there is simply no giving up, everyone should push others to do and be their best. To me, everyone is in this world living for a reason and should therefore, find that reason. People need to understand that there are always going to be hard times in life, but they simply have to move on. There is clearly no point of someone being stuck on the same problem for so long, and with that extra push someone could easily start moving on with their lives.

The way I show compassion towards others is by pushing them and letting them know that regardless of everything that is going on, I will always be there for them, if not physically then electronically. I try and motivate them to do better because I know everyone can be better than the person they were yesterday and will be tomorrow. Also, there is nothing I would not do in order to show someone I truly do care for them. I will buy them things, respect them, show them kindness, and emotion so they can feel a bit happier than their usual state of being.

Personally, when a friend of mine seems to be overwhelmed by their problems I send them a meaningful message letting them know that things will get better overtime. Regardless of the circumstances, things always get better someway, somehow. I, myself, have been through so much and I honestly could have not moved on if most of my friends’ had not been there for me. I personally think it means so much when someone you care about is there for you regardless what it is. It shows how much they care for you and your friendship; it’s such an overwhelming feeling of joy and compassion knowing people out in the world are taking time out of their lives just to make you feel a tad better.

Also, any individual living in this era has or will have rough times in their lives. I have learned that being at peace with yourself really seems to help you move on with your life. The way I find peace within my life is being alone and just thinking. Although, sometimes, thinking may not be the best solution to ones’ problems. I also look back and notice how much I have overcome throughout time and it seems to motivate me to keep on going and fight for what I want or believe for.

Life can be a bit hectic at times and people should not just give in to their problems, they should fight off whatever they are going through. Every single living individual has so much potential within them, they just have to find it. By being there for anyone whom is having a rough time and by that individual being at peace with themselves things will get better, eventually.



Ruth Ratna Handy, LCSW
(818) 834-5925


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