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WZM Award





WZM Award presented to David Reyes on June 3, 2019 - Garfield High School








Compassion Essay

I consider compassion to be a great characteristic within otherís personality. Those who are compassionate tend to have more patience and be more understanding towards people. These people show a great resolve, many see them as a great friend or role model they trust. Showing youíre acompassionate person demonstrates the qualities of someone who sympathizes for you; it is not always about solving the problem for another person that shows your compassion, but the support you share during troubled times.

Compassion is not necessarily kindness, you can do something kind for someone, but it isnít an understanding of a particular situation. An act of kindness can be a gift to someone or a friendly gesture. While very similar, being compassionate towards others is gifting someone an item that caused stress and panic, supporting others going through exams, relationship problems, or even a death in the family. It is sometimes a difficult situation for those trying to be compassionate, usually from the words they choose. Talking to someone in a stressful, depressive state can be challenging, it can create an even greater barrier between a person and their own life.

While compassion is a risk; I applaud those who choose to be compassionate and support others. Whether it is second nature for them to comfort and support those in need or the want to lend help, they put themselves in situations where they arenít needed, but is greatly appreciated. When you treat others with compassion they open up more, they see that people can help and not all situations are hopeless when alone. Many people believe they arenít in any type of position to assimilate others into their problems. On the contrary, asking for help is a general quality everyone is entitled to.

When you treat others with compassion you become more understanding of all situations. You realize not all situations are in their control, therefore you becoming patient with the multiple situations you come across in life whereas you would have most likely lashed out on others when it was unnecessary. It will help you establish better relations with others and they will keep in mind the sacrifices you have made for them no matter how small.

If more people were compassionate, plenty of other people would see the world in a different view. Unknown to the population many people imitate the same type of personality as those people whom they have come across in life. We make impacts on others without realizing how we are influencing them in life.

Compassion relates to peace because it abolishes anger. The amount of trust between people creates a feeling of harmony. You understand your actions helped influence other and create a better environment rather than create more problems.



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