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   WZM Award for Compassion 


WZM Award



WZM Award presented to Carlos Cabrera - Garfield High School




To me compassion is not empathy nor sympathetic pittiness , to me compassion is caring about other people's happiness like how we care about our own. Compassion to me is the effort that is dedicated to turn someone into a better version of themselves. I believe that having compassion is important in our society because without compassion, we as humans are available to learn from our mistakes. Without compassion we do not have that ability to understand other people and we wouldnt know how to improve our flaws. Compassion is what allows us to think about others; it allows us to leave our selfish mindsets and accept others. When I think about compassion I think about middle school. My parents had just seperated and I felt empty and alone. I felt like no one cared about me. I began to do really bad in school. I went from being a decent student with good grades to being rude to my teachers and failing all of my classes and getting kicked out of a club that I loved and believed was my only safe space. I wanted attention, I believe that if I cause commotion my parents will get back together and it affected me so much that the principal scheduled a meeting with my mother. When my mother arrived the principal told her that I was in danger of failing and I wasn't going to culminate. culmination meant alot to my mother since no one from my family managed to even culminate from middle school and I was going to be the first one. I expected my mom to be furious. I felt disappointed in myself and all I was thinking about was my family's criticism. Then I felt my mom hugging me in tears, She felt compassion towards me the first time i've actually felt it. She understood me and knew what I was going through. Instead of getting mad and punishing me she dedicated time to help me and gave me a shoulder to lean on when I felt down and help me achieve the better version of myself. This experience has helped me alot and made me learn how to show compassion towards others. I like going to my church to help teenagers like me who feel like they don't have anyone because all they need is someone who can show them compassion to change their life and give them happiness. Compassion is really important to me and has helped me achieve happiness. I'm writing this essay because in these difficult times with the covid-19 virus a lot of parents have lost their jobs including mine. I want to earn this scholarship money to be able to help the person who has helped me the most, my mother, to show her how grateful and thankful I am to have her compassion.











Ruth Ratna Handy, LCSW
(818) 834-5925


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