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   WZM Award for Compassion 


WZM Award



WZM Award presented to Kate A. Felipe - Garfield High School






It is who I am. Compassion is something that should be more seen in our society today because it is something that should be expected of everyone. It helps others to be understanding and understood. My mother always told me, “treat others how you want to be treated.”And I have, I gave them all the compassion I could. At times I even felt as if I was being too compassionate because I ended up getting hurt and feeling the sorrow of others. It has been a constant cycle for me to feel compassion for somebody and feel it so deeply, and in the end being told, “You’re too nice.” Nevertheless, I do not think I “learned my lesson”. Emotional intelligence is what compassion means to me, so I will continue to show my compassionate feelings towards others. I cannot not be a good person just because others are not. I believe everyone who shows negative emotions towards others is going through something and is not showing their true feelings. Who knows? Sometimes, all they need is a smile to find their way back. My mom is the one person whom I look up to when thinking of compassion. She encouraged me to join Mariachi Los Alanos at my high school. And once I did, I became aware of some financial problems my fellow musicians were going through. Some people did not have rides to our events and others could not afford to buy the white dress-shirts we needed to perform. I was able to cram my co-musicians into a 2015 Nissan Rogue and drive them to our gig just in time. I spent my time at a local swap meet hunting for white dress shirts of all sizes. On Monday morning, I walked into the room carrying multiple shirts and was happy I could make sure people did not have to worry about that anymore. People tend to not react positively when you show them compassion and that is okay. I will respect their emotions because they are valid and do not determine their real character. All in all, I love compassion.











Ruth Ratna Handy, LCSW
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